About StrategyJobs.com

StrategyJobs.com is a jobseeker/ employer matching service.  It provides an avenue for those searching for consulting jobs and consulting-type roles in other industries to connect with the employers hiring for these roles. 

StrategyJobs.com is a resource of CaseInterview.com, both founded by Victor Cheng.  Victor is a former McKinsey consultant, resume screener and interviewer, and the author of the best selling book Case Interview Secrets. As a consulting management candidate, Victor passed 60 case interviews and received job offers from McKinsey, Bain, Monitor, LEK, AT Kearney, and Oliver Wyman. At McKinsey, he was rated in the top 10 percent of consultants worldwide in his cohort. 

CaseInterview.com is the leading online educational resource in case interview preparation for prospective management consultants.  For tips and strategies on preparing for and performing well in case interviews, sign up for a free membership at CaseInterview.com